1/700 Scale CV-6 USS ENTERPRISE.


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Here's a Model i need to get finished after Months of trying to find the right size Wooden Base to display to the Model on , I finally just say To Hell with it i decided to use one i was saving for another Build....

Right now i'm doing some Putty work and Sanding the Model needs before it next coat of Navy Blue Gray, and i'm glad to see all the lighting is still working.


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The Name Plate for my CV-6 USS ENTERPRISE Model...
I got it from the same Seller on Amazon i got the Name Plate for my Discovery ENTERPRISE Model...

I forgot that i already had an Acrylic Name Plate for my CV-6 Enterprise Model i got off EBay a Year ago, I also got an Acrylic Name Plate for my 1/350 scale TITANIC Model from the same Seller and because their made of Acrylic i can put some LED Lighting behind them ...

I've also got a Name Plate for my 1/350 scale Battleship North Carolina Model, the Name Plate is actually a Dog Tag there's a Dog Tag Making Machine at the Battleship North Carolina Museum and i though the Tag would look good with the Model once i'd Built it so i just Pay $5 Dollars and the Dog Tag Machine Made the Tag up and i like it i think it will look very good with the Model when i get around to Building it.


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Is this her original configuration or the refit?

I thought most of her port holes were sealed shut during the refit, but it also looks like her flight deck extends out further from her stern like the refit.

I'm a fan of her and her sister's efforts early in the war (and the Wildcat fighters they used). It still seems criminal that she wasn't save, though I understand that museum ships weren't really a thing back in the 50's.