[3D Printing] Display Top For Pumpkin Masters Rotating Display Base


Hi, Everyone!

I have a Pumpkin Masters Ultimate Carve & Display Kit that I purchased a few years back. I never used it for Halloween purposes, but I always intended to use the battery powered rotating display base for any built models that I wanted to photograph or record video of. Originally, I used a large plastic plate on top of the base so that I could fit larger objects, but eventually lost the plate. With a 3D printer, however, I decided to make my own custom fitted display top.


I designed up the top in Autodesk Fusion 360. It is a quick and simple design being 270 mm (10.63 inches) in diameter, 3mm thick, and having rounded lower edges.


The 3D print was done in PLA on my Artillery Sidewinder X1 FDM printer. It came out with no issues.


The Pumpkin Masters base requires two C batteries. However, I usually don't have that size battery, so I 3D printed a set of AA-to-C battery adapters.


The AA batteries slide in the adapters from the bottom and gently lock into place at the top.


Fits perfectly in the base! AA batteries are the same height and voltage as C batteries. The only thing is that AA batteries have less capacity, but that's fine for this particular use case.


The display top fits snugly over the base's top, and everything works great!



I plan to also use this as a rotating stand for a custom UV curing box that I will be putting together for use with my 3D resin printer.



Kenny Conklin

Staff member
That is very cool. I buy their stuff every year to carve. I have never seen that rotating table :( I am going to have to look harder.