40th Anniversary Space Shuttle Group Build

Spencer Wolfe

Staff member
I'm in. Might be a little while before I start.




Veteran Member
Was having a look around and Revell have reissued two kits with a 40th anniversary box art update. The 1/72 scale shuttle and the 1/144 with booster rockets. Both are listed as 'level 5' builds so I hoped there were additional parts (PE maybe?), but it seems it's just a bunch of the acrylic paints, brush and glue included.

Still, tempted by the 1/72nd scale shuttle if the price is right.

Darth Buckman

Staff member
I looked on Scalemates and it looks like the 1/72 is just a repop with new decals. Still, might pick one up. I have one (maybe two) 1/144 kits in the stash