[Bandai Tyrannosaurus] 1:32 2021 Original Release

Hi, Everyone!

Here's something different from Bandai...a dinosaur model kit!

Imaginary Skeleton Tyrannosaurus:

  • 1:32 scale - about 35 cm (13.78 inches) in length
  • Design of the skeleton model incorporates the latest theories and scientific knowledge
  • Sculpted in a unique jumping pose
  • Skeletal bones that created the special instep that supported the weight of a 10-ton T-rex are reproduced
  • The wishbone (located at the base of the shoulder), which supports the T-rex's short arms, features reproductions of stress fracture traces caused by strong impacts
  • Hole marks where nerves passed through the lips are also reproduced with precision
  • Detailed teeth profile inside the upper and lower jaw is accurately reproduced
  • A finely detailed display base reproduces the plants of the Cretaceous period
  • Commentary booklet by dinosaur expert Kyoichi Tomita is included
  • July 2021 scheduled release
  • 3960 yen (currently about $37.00 U.S.D.)

Check out the news article for official images: https://hobbylinkinternational.com/2021/04/25/bandai-imaginary-skeleton-132-tyrannosaurus/

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I've already Pre-ordered mine .....

But looking on Ebay and Amazon i have found others like it.