Building Kinetics 1:24th P-47D "Razorback"


Greetingsllap. I will peaty much repeat, word for word of what I posted last time. I hope 🤪

Except, if the link works. I'll Post all the pictures of what I have done till now at the bottom.

At the 2019 IPMS Spring show, I saw two Huge boxes someone was selling. Getting closer I saw a pair of 1:24 scale P-47's'.
One Razorback and a Bubble top.

I have never heard of this company, maybe I saw a add in a Fine scale magazine?
The seller let me look inside of this vertical height box, I was impressed.
I decided that I'm going to use the decals that match the box art. Except now I'm going to need to figure out the with of the Invasion Stripes widths.

While doing research about the Squirt II, Not only did I find original black and white pictures, I found a picture of the Piolet and enough information
about where he was stationed before D-Day invasion, fighter squadron and battle group.

With a kit this big, I'm planning to squeeze as much detail I can!
Starting with the Piolet, I have. That I ordered for another project, except it was a scale to big.
Fujimi's 1:24th scale Garage and Drivers set
I had to open the width of one of the drivers legs to reach the rudder pedals.

Starting the Cockpit.
I wish I would have taken a picture of the starboard side before I started modifying it.
This kit comes with a few extra, alternate parts. Four props, a couple of different Instrument panels, one with raised details for everything.
Or the one I decided to use, the one with a decal for the instruments. With that, I almost thought about back lighting it, maybe formation lights.
But that might be kind of difficult to do so.

While test fitting the Piolet, for maybe the 12th time. I thought I would test fit the Cockpit into the main body.
By the instruction's there's inner structure for the wings, that will support the cockpit.
This going to be Big kit when It's finished!
The details molded into this kit is amazing, they printed detail inside the parts for the wheel well in the part's of the main part of the Fuselage.
But when It's built, I probably wont see it?

For the Piolet
I started with cutting a little plastic for the "May West" Life vest. Then a little card stock for the Belts, and added Kristal Klear for the Buckles.
Added a little color and started the Helmet. In my pictures you will see from start to finished Piolet, in the Cockpit.

Done with Step 1.

Step 2. Building the Double Wasp Engine. I pretty much built it by the by the instructions, Except the part for the Spark plug wires was terrible.
I removed and drilled out the holes to stick in the new 20lb test Fishing string.
But I had to scratch build the spark plug wire holders and a ring to hold them all.

Scratch built a couple of details on top of the Crack case cover. And bent some wire for, I don't think could be a throttle control? Just seams a little small
to control this Huge engine?

😌 All cought up. I hope?
Building 1:24th scale Kinetic P-47D "Razorback"