Capturing video for videos


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I want to put a short video into a video I am making. IE a short seem from a movie into a video I am making.
How do you guys to that?

Kenny Conklin

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Good question I ha e never done that but I assume they record their screen with obs or something like bandicam.

Darth Buckman

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If I'm understanding what you are saying, you would need to video you are making and make sure you have a long enough "dead space" (5 seconds or so) to let you make a cut in the middle of you video using Open Shot (or similar rendering program) and insert your additional video between the two halves of the video you recorded. I did something kind of like that on my failed live stream a few weeks back. The parts that were completely frozen I cut out leaving a relatively ok video. We can get on Discord sometime and talk about it if you want...