[COMPLETED] 3D Printing - Cargo Container For Oberth Class Starship


Hi, Everyone!

Back in late 2021, I started a project to make a cargo container for the Polar Lights / Round 2 1:1000 U.S.S. Grissom model kit.

Many fans, including myself, have always envisioned that the Oberth class could easily be a mult-ifunction vessel just by changing out the pod at the lower end of its pylons.

So off I went into Autodesk Fusion 360 to design a simple, yet seemingly functional cargo container. Now I'm finished!

Build log details are here: https://community.hobbylinkinternat...ainer-for-oberth-class-starship.742/post-8451

Here are some pictures of the completed build...

View of the cylinder body with the 3D modeled rear "cap" pre-attached.


Front "cap" attached to the cylinder body.


The model can be mounted onto a base using a 3/16-inch diameter brass tube.


The 1:1000 scale styrene model kit part now friction-fit snaps into place securely. Here is a view from the front.


Here is a view from the rear.


And with that, I think I'm satisfied with the design. The print is far from perfect because of my choice to have the cylinder body hollow, but it works.

I can now put this one to bed and call the project done!

Now onto the next...

;) :llap: