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Hello All. My name is John and I'm a modeler from Illinois USA. I learned of this forum from "Mad Genius Productions" YouTuber in the US. I also have a YouTube channel, MightyJJK and I build mostly airplanes, with some ships and spacecraft thrown in. Among other things, I've been working on a long term project of the 1968 USS Enterprise CVAN-65 in 1/720 and all the Carrier Air Wing Nine aircraft that flew off her that year in 1/72 and I've got 4 more aircraft to go on that. I just bought my first tank and my first car (since I was maybe 10 years old) so those are in the stash and I hope to get to them this year. I like to do "theme builds" or groups of models based on a theme, for example the history of the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds demonstration teams, or the history of the US Presidential Transport Aircraft, etc. I'm looking forward to participating in this forum and learning from all of you.
I added a few photos of my builds


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  • Dolittle Hornet B25.JPG
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Welcome to the forum, John. Judging by these pictures you posted you do some amazing work. I look forward to seeing what you bring to the forum. I will also be checking out your youtube channel.


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Hi! Welcome to the gang. So many talented people on here, loads to see. Very nice collection of builds there, look forward to seeing more.

If you haven't already check out the hobbylinkinternational YouTube channel, always something to see and recently some of the guys have been live streaming on a Sunday.

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Welcome to HLI! GLad to have you with us and Joe is an awesome guy :) And, you do some really awesome work!! If you have any questions about the site please feel free to ask. We are always here to help :)

Kenny Conklin

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And, by the way, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the forums you will find a topic for YouTube channels if you get a chance pops yours in there so everyone can find you :)