Lindberg "Velociraptor"

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This old Lindberg kit was actually included as part of a dinosaur-themed science kit we gave to my oldest son at Christmas in 2001 I think. It was probably the first kits he and I ever worked on together, and it introduced him to the joys of scale modelling at an early age. It was a great opportunity to teach him the basics of modelling - sanding, filling, and paying attention to the details. I also taught him how to paint with an airbrush on this kit...the light green vertical stripes were applied by my son at the age of 8! The base was a simple piece of plastic that I dressed up with textured putty and bits of vegetation from the backyard. Everything was painted with Model Master acrylics. I achieved some nice glossy depth in the eye by applying multiple coats of Future floor wax.


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Scale Icons

These kits are really cool. I've been debating on getting a few to work on my skills.
Nice work Tim, I can't believe how awesome it turned out!
Thanks very much, Kalan!

Both the Velociraptor and the T-Rex were a lot of fun to build! It was a nice change putting together a kit that had so few pieces, needed very little work, and didn't need a lot of effort to paint...they were both all free-hand airbrush work for the most part, with just a bit of brush work for details.

Real palette cleansers!

- Tim