Liquitex Paint and Other Paint Ramblings


For my DS9 station I had bought some Liquitex paint as it was readily available and they had a perfect color for it (unbleached titanium). I purchased the high build as the other wasn't available. High build is for texture in brush painting canvas etc. These paints are very thick and go a long way when thinned but they are finicky. I don't recommend them as they require higher airbrush psi and can cause a rough texture.
When needing more they had it in acrylic gouache ($11 something!!!). This is like craft paint but is more opaque (covers easier) but will crack if put on too thick. I thinned with Createx.

The high build.

If hand mixing the thick, only add thinner a little at a time or separation and clumping will result. With Badger's mixer this is not an issue.

On an unrelated note, these are compatible with each other and are acrylic lacquers (since they don't say anymore). The Krylon is more of their crafty artsy fartsy line.

Spencer Wolfe

Staff member
Craft paint does take a little work to get right, but I like it on occasion. I also use the artsy Krylon Matte. And their UV Matte Clear as well.