Resizing Your Pictures For Faster Viewing

Kenny Conklin

Staff member
I have noticed a lot of people leave their pictures full size in their posts and that takes a while for them to show up on the page. Here are a couple of simple ways to combat this situation to make picture viewing easier.

The first easy one to save us space on our servers is to compress your photos on and upload your pictures and resize them. I use a lot and your pictures look fine after compression.

The second way to speed up viewing is to resize your photo in the text box. Here is what you do.

Step One Upload Your Picture By Using The Add Image Icon.


Once you upload it, it will go to the full-size format like this.


Your next step is to click on the photo and bring up the squares at the four corners of the picture.


Once the squares are up click and hold on a square and pull in to make the picture smaller. Once you get the size you want let go of the corner and click anywhere else on the page to set it. When a member clicks on your smaller picture it will bring up the full-size picture.


I hope this helped and makes your experience on the community better :)