Revell F4U-1A 1/32 Corsair-Vintage 1970 Release


Calling this one done, with the caveat that it still needs the antenna line rigging. The tail wheel I had to clip off what little bit of shaft there was on the snapped off piece and attached it back on with CA and reinforced with 5-minute epoxy. As is, the wingtips are not symmetrically level to the 'ground' because of what I had to do to eliminate the wing root gap. It's really only noticeable when I actually measure it. The canopy part is really loose in the channel, and it will fall off very easily if nudged at all.

All fit issues aside, I'm very pleased with how this turned out. Thought about giving it a satin or even gloss finish to look like the planes used in the Baa Baa Black Sheep TV show, but I don't think the actual planes flown from the land bases in the South Pacific where bright and shiny, based on some WWII era photos I found.

Not sure what's up next on my bench, but I should try to finish up a couple of shelf queens before starting something new. But the itch to start a new kit will probably win out. 😁