Scratch Built Foam Props


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Aside from building models of all types, I've been moving toward props and such. Here are some of my projects

This is a steampunk top hat i made completely from foam (Not including the goggles.


For those that read, or read comics, this is a Venom mask, also made of foam. All thats left is the eyes. I've been lamenting on how to make the eyes and I think i came up with something. I'm just waiting for it to arrive. It needs the eyes to be effective


To keep with star Wars and "May the Forth Be With You." I have these Rex blasters. Made from craft foam and styrofoam


Some of you may have seen the Space 1999 Stun Gun in a different thread


Another thing I started toying with, was these. These are two keys from the Netflix (IDW Comics) show, Locke & Key.

The Omega Key and the Echo Key.