Semper Defende: Tamiya 1/35 M4A3E8 Sherman “Easy Eight” Korean War

Ken Horvath

Today I painted the tracks, they had previously been primed with AK track primer. The T80 style tracks have a steel tread on the outside and rubber pads on the inside, I used Vallejo Panzer Aces dark rubber for this.

The dirt and mud I believe is good for now, and I tried a little brown oil paint on the wooden tool handles to change their colour.

then I assembled the .50 cal machine gun and painted it up.

This should leave me with weathering the tracks and installing them, then a few other finishing touches.


White Glove Models - Kalan

Sweet mother of Mary this turned out AMAZING!!!
Incredible work Ken, you absolutely knocked this build into next Tuesday!!!
I will be using yours for reference for my M4A3 75mm, and really love the way the Wet Mud stuff turned out.
I look forward to the Glamour Shots!
Happy Building! :cool:llap