I built this kit. I was able to not use the clear support going through the chest of the T-Rex.

I usually don't show this to many people. If anyone finds this a little disturbing, I'll remove them.

It's not much different than a lion taking down a zebra or gazelle. This is a scene from The Lost World JP. The male T-Rex killed a Parasalophus. For his mate. Walked away for just a moment, and accouple of Velociraptors thought they would take advantage. Noticing that The Bull T-Rex ran back to his kill.
IMG_0037.JPG IMG_0038.JPGIMG_0039.JPG
I sculpted the dead Parasalophus using the skull in the kit for scale. Using oven dried clay and painted like the Rex, Raptors and parasalophus were painted from the films.
Thank You for Your Time!
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