The Chris Cortel Estate Sale

Kind of an update on this if you were wondering why the site is down...

Email from Mike Cortel this week.

Hi Everyone

While I posted this on Chris's Facebook page this evening I also wanted to email each of you that have reached out and inquired or made a purchase. As you may or may not know I had to take the site down where I was posting Chris' stash. I just cannot work 50 hrs. a week and then work on updating the site, figuring postage, packing and shipping. answering emails etc. This became much bigger than I can handle. With that said I have turned over the balance of the items to a local Auction house. The Auctioneer does offer shipping to the winning bidder as well as local pickup. At this time there will be more than one auction as there was more left than I thought. The first auction went live this evening and runs until Sat 9-23. If you want to take a look at the auction the number is #AO-8080266 at the website https: //

Thank you again for all the support and generosity that has been shown.

Mike Cortel



This past weekend I took a trip out to Ohio to see Mike Cortel, Chris Cortel's brother. On the shelves of his garage was what was left of the complete collection of Chris's built models. It was kinda weird to see all of these builds stacked up on the shelves of his brother garage. Its probably a better fate then will happen to most of our models when we are gone but it was still weird to see.