The Elegoo Neptune 2 Under $200


I'm not at all familiar with 3D printing other than what I've seen in forums, etc. I found this comparison photo of two identical figures. The left one is resin printed, the right is FDM. Seems to my eye that the resin figure is smoother surface, but the detail is less defined, while the right one is just opposite. Rougher texture, but details are sharper and more defined. Is it a trade off one for the other, or is it subject by subject preference?
I do think these printers will be the wave of the future in the hobby, like when DVDs replaced VHS, then Blu-ray supplanted DVDs, and now streaming is replacing both. I still like Blu-ray though. What can I say, I'm resistant to change.:unsure:

Kenny Conklin

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Resin has become much better than that and now with 4k printing, it has even gotten better. FDM today cannot keep up with what you can do with resin. Now if I could afford an SLS Printer (sinter printing) I would bypass getting resin.