The Loss of Classicplastic 101 - Chris Cortel


As most of you already know Chris Cortel of Classicplastic 101, passed away today. Words can't express the loss I'm feeling at this time. I think it would be fitting if those of us that knew him would share a memory of him below. He touched so many people out there I'm sure a lot of us will have some sort of memory they could share. Even if you didn't know him but saw some of his builds, that would be great to hear. Also, what was your favorite Chris Cortel build?

I find it hard to pick just one of his builds, but here are a few in no particular order

The Emma Peel Lotus Europa from the 60's Avengers
The Bewitched Camaro, Yeah yeah, I know it was a Camaro but it was still a cool build
McHale's Navy PT 73
USS Lexington from Star Trek

My personal memories can be heard in the video below. Lets keep the memories coming



Never really chatted with him but I watched a lot of his videos and learned a lot in the process. One of my favorite builds is a recent one, his build of the Ray Harryhausen skeleton warrior because I really loved Ray's work in the movies! :cool: Rest in peace my friend! 🙏🙏🙏
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I never met Chris in person, but knew him through his videos as many did. His, along with Trekworks, were one of the first You Tube channels I followed when I got back into the hobby. He would always reply to a comment or question, often within a few hours. He was always cordial and respectful. He will be greatly missed. Condolences to his wife, Renee, his brother Mike, and all his family and friends. R.I.P. Chris Cortel.


It was crushing news. He will be missed. This hobby is healing and he used it for strength even when he suffered so much. I am one of many to use craft paints because of him.
I love his Lotus, Madusa, and loved his work restoring Superman and on the Planet of the Apes on horseback. So much fun with the Tom Daniel GB.

White Glove Models - Kalan

Very sad news. His videos and contribution to the Hobby Community are, and always will be greatly loved and appreciated. I personally will miss everything he had to offer, and will keep his family and friends in my thoughts and prayers.
Great video Dirk and thank you for sharing.
I can't pick a favorite build. He had so many amazing builds, and each one had it's own unique personality that Chris would apply to it.
His presentation, willingness to help others, and absolute honesty and demeaner where just amazing.